Presidents Message - March 2022

Dear Friends:

The last few years have been both difficult and transformational for the Henry and Laura Huth Charitable Foundation.

In Memoriam

I was deeply saddened by the passing of one of our Board’s founding members, Dick Huth, on February 25. But I also feel a great sense of gratitude for the vital role he played in my life, as well as the deep and meaningful relationships he had with many of you. The success of the Foundation in “living its mission” is a tribute to Dick’s rich and generous spirit, and I’m confident his legacy will continue to guide us in the years ahead.

Adapting to Difficult Challenges

I know Dick was very proud of how our Board adapted to the significant challenges of the past few years. As the pandemic became a stark reality for all of us, we made the difficult decision to suspend planning for the 2020 golf event — our main annual fundraiser. But we quickly pivoted to an appeal campaign that we promoted online and though direct mail. The campaign went beyond our expectations as we exceeded our initial goal by 120 percent! To all of you who donated so generously, I can’t thank you enough.

In 2021, my brother Mark took over as golf chair as Covid protocols began to relax. Although we were also challenged by a short planning window and the uncertainty of a new venue, the event at Raintree was a big success that actually helped us recruit many new supporters of the Foundation. 

Simply put, by adapting to adversity and making the most of limited resources (both financial and human), we were able to get through this challenging period and emerge as an even stronger Foundation — better equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I can think of no better tribute to Dick and other deceased Board members who helped build this outstanding legacy.

The best measures of our success are the $250,000 that the Foundation has distributed over the years and, more important, the strong support this funding has provided to organizations that lend a helping hand to at-risk youth.

Special thanks to our current grantees — Project Rebuild and Open Arms Adoption — for everything you do to help advance our Foundation’s vital mission.

New Board Members
Recently we were proud to welcome two new members to our Board:

Renee Conlon: Renee works at the Summit County Juvenile Court as a Guardian ad Litem, serving the special needs of youth in the county’s custody.

Mary Brumbaugh: Mary, our Board’s new Treasurer, is a Financial Reporting Manager at Progressive Insurance. 

I’d also like to offer my heartfelt thanks to outgoing Board member Paul Longville for his many significant contributions to the Huth Foundation over the past 15 years.

I deeply appreciate your support of our Foundation, and I look forward to seeing many of you at Raintree on July 22 as we meet and exceed our fundraising goals for 2022!

— Lon Johnson, Board President, Henry & Laura Huth Charitable Foundation

Your Support & Generosity Is Greatly Appreciated

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