Our annual golf benefit is the largest source of funding for the Henry and Laura Huth Charitable Foundation.

This event is for a worthwhile cause, helping programs such as Project REBUILD that assists “at risk youth”.
Their goals align with the mission of The Henry and Laura Huth Charitable Foundation. We also provide scholarships for students to attend a private grade school in Portage County that is renowned for educational excellence; and Open Arms Adoptions with the understanding that it is important to keep siblings in adoption united.

Our sponsors and friends make a real difference in the lives of infants, children,
and young adults through the programs funded by the Foundation.

31st Annual
Huth Invitational Golf Benefit

Friday July 14, 2023

Feedback We’ve Received From Previous Outings…

“The magnitude that this event has become in helping others is pretty impressive.“
Dan D.
Designer, Dallas, TX
"This was a great day. Family, friends, new and old, were in attendance. Well done!"
C. Smith
Consultant, Akron, OH
"It was unfortunate that 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus. This is an outstanding event that I look forward to attend year after year. Thanks for a grand return in 2021!"
Akron, OH


Mark Johnson: 513-706-4271

Joanna James: 330-588-3205

If you are unable to attend the golf outing, your tax-deductible donation for this worthwhile
event is greatly appreciated.

The causes that the Henry and Laura Huth Foundation support such as
Adoption • Skill Building • Educational Scholarship
are making a positive difference.

THANK YOU for your participation as you help us help others.


The Henry & Laura Huth Charitable Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Organization

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Huth Invitational
Golf Outing

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