Since 2001, the Henry & Laura Huth Charitable Foundation has focused on improving the quality of life for troubled and at-risk children. Programs funded through the Foundation empower youth by providing them with basic skills, positive role models, and a wealth of opportunities that can help them achieve their full potential.

Throughout their lives, Henry and Laura Huth of Akron, OH, performed acts of generosity and compassion. Their spirit of giving not only touched the lives of their children, but also had a profound effect on many families in the community.

Henry and Laura embraced the value of bringing generations together – combining the wisdom of the elderly with the energy and enthusiasm of youth. This commitment was forged through their experiences raising a large family and caring for disadvantaged youngsters in their neighborhood.

The Huth family recognized that, in the same way a quality home requires a solid foundation, every child needs a healthy, active support system to grow and thrive.

The relatives of Henry and Laura share their vision of a brighter future for people of all ages. Toward that end, they created the Foundation to enable other children and families – especially those who need strong guidance and encouragement – to fulfill their dreams and become more productive citizens.



Young people often need a helping hand to lead more positive, successful and meaningful lives. With the support of our donors and sponsors, the Henry & Laura Huth Charitable Foundation can offer that hand to lift up a child, a family and maybe even a community.

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Board Of Trustees

Charter Members
Pauline Mary (Huth) Yingling *
Gilbert Henry Huth *
Rita Hermina (Huth) Vuillemin *
Marian Justina (Huth) Holibaugh
Eugene Joseph Huth *
Theodore Francis Huth *
Elizabeth Ann (Huth) DiCenzi
Albert Leroy Huth *
Barbara Lillian (Huth) Hill
Richard Robert Huth
Henry Edward Huth *
Daniel Lee Huth *
* Deceased
Lon M. Johnson, President
John Delcambre, M.D., Vice Pres.
Paul J. Longville, Treasurer
Thomas Bierce
Kristin Dowling
Tad R. Huth
Mark  Johnson
Kimberly Longville
Tim Quine
Joseph Roonan
Tom Vance
Laurence W. Vuillemin

Richard W. Hill, M.D.
Barbara L. Hill
Richard R. Huth

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